Heavy Duty Carports

Durable galvanized steel frame and zinc/al coated roof

Protection From Above

The New Zealand sun is unforgiving. UV radiation can cause damage to boats and cars over successive summers; the kind of long-term damage that you don’t think about until your car’s paint begins to peel or your boat’s windscreen is getting cloudy and hard to see through.

Bird waste is a kind of chemical attack, and can eat into a range of materials. Leaves and pollen can stain and get everywhere. Frosts settle gently from above, harshly freezing surfaces.

The humble carport isn’t a fashion statement, it’s a practical solution to the eternal problem of environmental damage.

Two Standard Sizes

Bay Patio & Louvres Carports come as Single (3.1m internal width) or Double (5.4m internal width). Both options are 5.5m long and 2.4m high.

Quality Made in NZ

Designed for New Zealand conditions, and proven over years of kiwi weather, our Carports are no-fuss, long-life structures built with strength and efficiency in mind. Strong C-Section beams, galvanised facia, short-end gutter and downpipe makes this a functional standalone structure. Coloured roofing and trim are available on request.

Complete engineering specifications are available for the off-chance your local council needs them.

Frequently Asked Questions

The products we offer have a strong reputation for quality around the country and overseas. Our suppliers use highly-developed technology and engineering to provide super-durable materials. This results in our outstanding 25-year Structural Warranty for Outback Patio Roofs, 15 years warranty for Louvre Roofs and 8-year Paint Warranty.

The only out-of-the-box customisation we offer is the option of coloured roofing and trim, which can help blend the carport into its environment.

Our Single or Double Carports are a standard size that works well for the majority of cars and small boats. Call us about taller, longer or wider carports, and be sure to check out our Patio Roofs.

The footings are either bolted to a suitable concrete slab or attached to dedicated new piles / foundations. We will determine the appropriate solution upon inspection of your property.

MBIE’s 2020 building consent exemptions most often apply, but they don’t supersede other council rules or your property covenants. In any case, rest assured that every Bay Patios & Louvres structure has been designed to meet the Building Code.

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