Louvre Roof

The Modern Benchmark of Alfresco Style

Year-round rain, ventilation and shade control at your fingertips.

Superb Rain Cover

Each individual louvre features deep channels that interlock with the next. Fully closed for heavy rain, our Louvre Roof Patios become a tightly-knitted roof surface that sheds water neatly to the hidden internal gutters and downpipes. Automatic rain sensors can automatically close the roof at the first signs of rain. A Louvre Roof will still channel water to the gutters even when partially open, allowing both ventilation and rain cover at the same time.

All Day Ventilation

Make the most of a slight breeze by using the louvre opening angle to ‘catch’ the flowing air and direct it down below. Or angle the louvres with the wind to pull air upwards and out.

The Choice of Sun, Shade or Light

Open the louvres to the sun in winter to maximise the sun’s rays underneath. Or, in the summer, angle the louvres so that they block the burning sun while allowing cool ventilation. This system is simple but incredibly versatile. Integrated downlights are a popular option with our Louvre Roofs that carry outdoor living into the night.

Complete Control

There are three ways to operate our Louvre Roofs. The first is wall-mounted controls, the second is handheld remote controls, and the third is a smartphone or tablet app. It is common to use all three.

Elegant Gloss Ceiling

When closed the louvres form an attractive ceiling with a flat, lined character, that evokes the style of tongue-and-groove timber panels. The charm of it won’t be lost with time either, due to the highly-engineered profile of the louvres that prohibits warping.

Custom Designed and Engineered

Every Louvre Roof is custom designed for your property. From footings to fascia, wall attachments to wind zone specifications, it’s all considered and recorded in a council-friendly format.

Uncompromising Quality

Fabricated from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminium components, and finished with durable powder-coated paint, a Louvre Roof will last for longer than many traditional outdoor structures. Our products are almost entirely NZ-made; only the stainless steel is sourced from overseas, due to the specialty of it.

Bay Patios & Louvres are proud to offer a 15-Year Structural Warranty and a 8-Year Paint Warranty on our Louvre Roof products.


Bay Patios & Louvres provides a One Year Installation Warranty on top of the Structural and Paint Warranties for your complete peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

The products we offer have a strong reputation for quality around the country and overseas. Our suppliers use highly-developed technology and engineering to provide super-durable materials. This results in our outstanding 15-year Structural Warranty and 8-year Paint Warranty.

MBIE’s 2020 building consent exemptions most often apply, but they don’t supersede other council rules or your property covenants. Engineering specifications for your custom Patio Roof will be made available for you to use for council requirements. In any case, rest assured that every Bay Patios & Louvres structure has been designed to meet the Building Code.

Carefully hidden. The gutters rest inside the frame beams and the downpipes are channelled down the inside of the posts.

There are more than 30 standard colours available from the Dulux Duralloy® series, and a wider range of custom colours to choose from. Talk to us to find out more.

Absolutely. Integrated downlights are a very popular option. Contact us to learn more.

A single Louvre Roof can cover a huge 24m2, and multiple Louvre Roofs can be joined together and controlled as one. This system is perfect for commercial applications, especially restaurants and bars.

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