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Our Patio Roofs are proven in NZ, and come with a 25-year Structural Warranty.

Flat Patio Roof

Flat Patio Roofs are simple, efficient and complement the style of any Kiwi building. They are configurable to any property, and can be incorporated with our Gable or Louvre Roofs into one structure. Flat Patio Roofs are perfect as freestanding shelters or carports, or attached to existing walls or fascia.

Gable Roofs

For a more spacious feel and maximum headroom, choose a Gable Roof. Offering outstanding uninterrupted spans of up to 8.4 metres, our Gable Roofs have that expansive, traditional charm.

Dutch Gable

A Dutch Gable combines the triangular gable shape with a standard four-pitched roof for exceptional charm and architectural flavour. The more-enclosed design of a Dutch Gable still grants height and air inside but has an extra, lower roof at the end of its length. Viewed from afar a Dutch Gable is a neat and sightly feature.

Elegant Flat Ceiling

Our most popular roofing material has a proprietary profile with a clean, flat underside that creates an attractive ceiling underneath.

Translucent Panels

The roofing profile allows the seamless addition of translucent panels that let filtered light through to the entertaining space below.

Colour Choices

Choose from the standard four bold, clean tones to contrast or compliment your home, or request quality powder-coated custom colours from the Dulux Duralloy® range.

Frame Options

Frames are upgradable with substantial 14cm x 14cm square steel posts. These create a much more solid appearance and work well with modern or traditional buildings styles alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

The products we offer have a strong reputation for quality around the country and overseas. Our suppliers use highly-developed technology and engineering to provide super-durable materials. This results in our outstanding 25-year Structural Warranty and 8-year Finish Warranty.

This depends on which system is most appropriate. We can install your new Patio Roof to the fascia, or have it mounted directly to walls. If attachment is a technical issue we can construct a freestanding Patio Roof that nonetheless has the appearance of being ‘joined’ to your home.

Extrusions in the outline of your home are no problem – we can modify the roofing panels and use a range of trim to achieve a close-fit. Existing soffits can be incorporated into the design for a cohesive look. All irregularities are specially designed and fabricated to the same high standards.

MBIE’s 2020 building consent exemptions most often apply, but they don’t supersede other council rules or your property covenants. Engineering specifications for your custom Patio Roof will be made available for you to use for council requirements. In any case, rest assured that every Bay Patios & Louvres structure has been designed to meet the Building Code.

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